Who Makes Growvite Multi-Birth?

Growvite Multi-Birth is manufactured in Ireland by Univet and distributed by Tulivin. The Univet site is a purpose-built facility dedicated to the manufacture of veterinary pharmaceuticals. 

Quality, sterility and an obsessive attention to detail are the driving forces behind our manufacturing operation – we want to be sure that vets and livestock farmers can rely 100% on our products. 

We produce veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition supplements for major European drug companies, so we have to be certain that our storage facilities; our mixing, blending and filling processes; and our packaging and labelling areas, operate to the highest standards.

Our philosophy and aim is to keep a few steps ahead of the current norms – which is why we’re totally committed to research and development.

We constantly monitor all our formulations for quality, stability and effectiveness to make sure that we can guarantee the highest standard of medicine before it is released for sale. You can be sure your animals are getting pure, efficacious drugs and nutritional supplements whenever your vet prescribes a Univet or Tulivin product.

Find out more about Growvite Multi-Birth or any of our other high quality medicines and nutritional supplements by calling us or sending us an email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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